Orientation Training

In order to enable recruits to smoothly merge into work environments, a hands-on practice training is provided when new employees report to their job, for them to fully understand the company organization, salary and welfare conditions, safety of working environment, company products and relevant topics. Furthermore, unit heads and senior colleagues also play the roll of instructors for providing counseling and assistances, helping the recruits to adapt to the environment and get familiar to job contents.

On-the-job Training

The company actively cooperates with academic institutes and professional organization in planning training courses based on business strategy and yearly targets in order to provide our employees with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Job Transfers

We encourage our employees to try and learn in versatile aspects by getting experiences from different units, in the expectation of expanding their individual visions while having an integral understanding of the overall operation of the company.

Project Assignment

Project Assignment provides opportunities for employees to work with colleagues in different professional realms, therefore enriching their working experiences, expanding working expertise, and increasing team work performances.