With 20,768m2, HENG MAO Hardware Processing Co., Ltd. possesses a semi-automatic large scale advanced pickling treatment plant having a monthly production capacity exceeding 10,000 tons.

Equipped with an automatic coarse drawing machine (peeling machine) and fine drawing machine, the Wire Drawing Department is capable of drawing wires under 45mm in diameter. An electrical spheroidizing furnace provides Spheroidizing (Annealing) Treatment and our professional laboratory provides quality assurance. A rod storage yard of 20,000m2 provides convenient storage space for customers.

Under the direction of the founder, Mr. Wu, and the leader ship of Chairman Wu, the company expressed a strong ambition not only to expand its businesses in Pickling, Spheroidizing, Annealing, and Wire Drawing, but also by aligning with government policy together with academic cooperation models, the company has managed to develop products of higher added value – another aspect of business leading towards the goal of sustained operation.