Founded by Mr. Wu Tai-Lang in 1978, HENG MAO Hardware Processing Co., Ltd. experienced continuous growth of sales, the moving of the production plant, and several rentals and expansions due to the emergence of the screw industry in Taiwan. During 2003, when Kaohsiung County Government was promoting Benjhou Industrial Park, new plant equipment was established at the current address of Benjhou Plant with a 20,768 m2 floor area. Since then, our number of employees has grown continuously with the gradual expansion of our sales.

Focused on Rod Pickling, Spheroidizing Annealing, and Wire Drawing, our main customers are manufacturers in the middle and southern part of Taiwan. The screw industry in Taiwan is different from that of China and highly dependent on MIT processes and product quality improvements. High-tension screws, automobile screws, and aerospace screw products are the trend of future developments.


Good quality depends largely on good pickling facilities. Our pickling plant has a capacity of over 10,000 tons per month. We also possess an anneal furnace plant, wire drawing plant, and rod storage yard - quite a comprehensive setup in the trade. We strive to improve and upgrade air pollution prevention facilities and wastewater treatment and waste disposal installations for compliance with EPA and international standards.