Environment Safety and Health Policy

Promote waste reduction and implement pollution prevention tasks.

Carry out risk assessment for ensuring workplace safety and healthy working environment, preventing occupational hazard and diseases. Zero accident is our goal.

Abide by statutory regulations and other requirements.

Carry out employee training for upgrading employees' ESH awareness and contributions, realizing the environmental protection concept among the entire staff and relevant groups.

Thorough implementation of the ESH Management System for continued improvement of performances.

Prioritize occupational safety and environmental biological impacts in product development and business investment.

Green Operation

In the worsening trend of global warming, pickling operators shall take up more responsibilities to protect our environment. Considering this, our company specially invested on sewage treatment and air pollution prevention facilities for realizing our environmental policy of Observe environment protection, energy saving, resource utilization and love the earth.

Make contribution to the Society without reservation.

In order to advocate music and art education for edifying today’s social morality, we offer assistance in versatile aspects to activities hosted by the local community universities and art or culture groups, for allowing music and art to cultivate our hearts and soul in the form of leisure activities that everybody can participate in.